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Letter: Michael Kaddatz for Holy Cross Energy board

Holy Cross Energy just announced the 2019 elections for its board of directors. As a customer in the Vail Valley, I am entitled to vote and am planning to vote for Michael Kaddatz.

After reading his bio posted on the HCE website, he is remarkably well-qualified. Moreover, I know Michael personally as we both are referees for local high school and club soccer games. Refereeing a soccer game is a challenging task and can be contentious, requiring the subtle balancing of competing interests among enthusiastic players, coaches and fans.

Michael performs his referee duties with excellence, relying on his knowledge of the game, preparation, experience and confident calmness.  Finally, within the context of the referee team, Michael expresses thoughtful insights for improvement and adapts to various leadership styles — these skills would serve our co-op and the board well.

I will vote for Michael and encourage you to, as well.

Andrew Keiser


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