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Letter: Middleton, Stockmar, Staufer for Vail Town Council

I believe that Kathryn Middleton, Brian Stockmar and Jonathan Staufer are best placed to serve the needs of Vail, not just in the short term but to develop a long-term strategy, which takes into account the needs of housing and pre-K child care, the importance of environmental protection, resort management and support for local businesses.

Each of these individuals bring relevant business or legal experience and a deep understanding of the culture and history of Vail, its growth and development over many decades. They will listen to the different voices in the town and make considered sensible decisions not just knee-jerk ones to solve short-term problems.

We need council members who will protect the proud international image of Vail and the quality of life for all residents. We have a duty to protect our wildlife. I believe all three have the vision and determination to do that.

At every election there is an inflection point — not enough parking, not enough employee housing, etc., but this all has to be put into the context of what we the voters and we the residents of this beautiful place see as an acceptable and co-existent future.

Please vote for Kathryn, Brian and Jonathan.

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Kirsty Hintz


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