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Letter: Mike has the chops

The Democratic primaries have left me feeling politically unmotivated, uninspired and distinctly uneasy. The Iowa Caucus brought those feelings into sharp focus, with its disastrous vote-counting debacle, making the Democrats appear incompetent and dangerously vulnerable. Once the votes were actually counted, I didn’t feel any better, with no clear front-runner.  The media has declared Bernie Sanders the leader after New Hampshire, but this early in the game, such statements are media sensationalism. What this all says to me is that Democrats are equally luke-warm about the current field.

In steps Michael Bloomberg. His choice to avoid the early debates and the Iowa Caucus was strategically savvy, and staying out of the fray shows he understands the job for which he’s applying. Instead of arguing about the minute details of policy, he’s showing he can be the visionary, inspirer, diplomat and leader we need.

You can find good info on Mike’s credentials on the internet; he’s been an incredibly busy guy. The highlights for me are:

Mike sees issues from both the business side and the government side. Capitalism unchecked by the moderating hand of government is being felt by real working citizens. Mike understands how these two forces can work together to lift the poor and middle classes, improve health care while controlling costs, find a more humane path to protecting national security, take a reasonable approach to guns, and support diversity. Most notable is his long history of working on climate change, starting as mayor and culminating in his appointments as UN Envoy for Climate Action. He pledged $500 million of his personal wealth to this issue. He is socially liberal, and he balanced New York City’s budget.

Because voter turnout for primaries is generally low, you have no better opportunity than this to have a strong voice in who will be the next president of the United States. Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait to see who rises to the top. An uncast ballot is essentially a vote for the candidate you don’t support. Take some time to research Michael Bloomberg, and be sure to vote in the Colorado primary.

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