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Letter: Mike Kieler for EagleVail

I have known and served with EagleVail’s Mike Kieler since his first stint on the EagleVail Property Owner’s Association board back around 2007. During the time I’ve worked with him, I’ve come to know him as a passionate, caring champion for our neighborhood.  

Mike has no ulterior motives in asking for your vote for the board. He doesn’t serve us to stroke his own ego. His singular focus is to make EagleVail the best that it can be for those of us who live here.  

Barb and I have owned our home in EagleVail since 1986 and have seen many fine people serve on both our POA and Metro District boards. Mike is an example of the kind I’d like to see in one of those seats this time around.  

Thanks for joining me in voting for Mike.

Jeff Layman

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