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Letter: Mike Towler for District 6

On May 2 you have the opportunity to vote for the candidate best suited to address the future water needs of our valley. My name is Mike Towler and I am running for the 6th district board seat of the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District to more effectively represent the interests of the community.   

Water is scarce and becoming more scarce. Infrastructure is aging and needs to be upgraded. Many uncertainties exist, such as the impact of climate change and projected future growth and demand. The allocation of scarce resources requires thoughtful analysis and evaluation, which calls for an individual with deep analytical skills to understand and question the results. We cannot maintain status quo governance and expect the results to change.  

Before retiring, I spent over 40 years analyzing complex financial and economic data in order to make informed, unbiased and thoughtful decisions on allocations of capital. Currently, I am engaged in the local community. As a board member on the Upper Eagle River Water Authority, I am familiar with the issues and challenges we face. As treasurer of the Beaver Creek Metro District, I am involved in the planning for our basic operations including transportation, fire mitigation, road repair and a host of other community services. As trustee of a large private foundation, I know the roles and duties of a fiduciary.

A public servant should be someone you can trust with your vote and resources. As a fellow citizen, I value our waters and natural resources, and will serve as a steward to preserve them for generations to come. With your support, I can help guide these sensitive issues in our community’s best interest.

Michael Towler
Beaver Creek

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