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Letter: Military is a great option for career development

I found Jacqueline Cartier’s April 8 column in the Vail Daily not only of interest but also it gave a very precise idea of what options are available to those graduating from both secondary schools and also colleges. The negative aspects of the military have been so drummed into our thinking from numerous media sources for years. I would venture a guess that most of those writers and on-air personnel who denigrate military service have little understanding of the options the military provides and the opportunity for enlistees to receive excellent training, understanding of areas they may have totally overlooked and also develop a further sense of discipline which is mandatory for success.  

These individuals may well find precise interests and challenges they are seeking provided to them while a member of the military. Regardless of the comments we are exposed to by the media, the military is not only a potential opportunity but also a necessity for our freedom. I thank you for your excellent and thought-provoking writing which will assuredly assist a few graduates in making a life decision after graduation. I am actually surprised with their left-leaning agenda that the Vail Daily published your writing and gave you space for such a lengthy explanation. 

Robert J. Graff

Highland Beach, Florida 

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