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Letter: Mini-Mike’s the man

Democrats are betting that people are fed up with the scorched-Earth partisanship, corruption and disregard for the rule of law. They are betting that enough people who voted for this president now regret their decision.  And they are just sure that young people motivated by #MeToo and climate change will vote in unprecedented numbers. Democrats cannot put their eggs in that basket. 

We need a Democratic candidate who is psychologically equipped to avoid the traps of name-calling, attack ads and intimidation, who can dish it back when necessary, and who can stay undistracted from communicating a strong core message. Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar might be able to succeed. Joe Biden is neither visionary nor inspirational. And Bernie Sanders has no chance; the fact that the Russians are backing him indicates they know this.

Bernie fans, I am as liberal as you, but the strategy of swinging far to the left to counter the far-right in an attempt to bring the middle back to the center is not a strategy that will get a Democrat into the White House or fix the chronic dysfunction of Congress.   

Bernie and his far-left message will not be able to influence the down-ticket races and inspire a wave of democratic wins to tip the Senate to Democratic control. And unless Democrats win the Senate, President Bernie will be plagued by the same roadblocks that President Obama faced, and the continued dysfunction and partisanship will result in another lurch to the right in 2024. 

Michael Bloomberg has a sophisticated, well-articulated vision for America:  health care, reasonable gun control, immigration reform, aggressive climate change mitigation, sound fiscal policy, and support for veterans, the poor, and the middle class. His positions will please democrats and satisfy moderate Republicans. He is emerging as the great communicator and inspiration voters are yearning for. If you like Mike, spread the word, talk to your friends, and vote in Colorado’s Super Tuesday primary on March 3.

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Linn Brooks


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