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Letter: Mitsch Bush knows how to legislate, cooperate

Lauren Boebert is a gimmick, not a candidate. Check out her website — long on platitudes about being pro-freedom and pro-Colorado, but absent any policy positions or original ideas. She actually has, “Drill, baby drill” in her “Contract with Colorado.” 

Her backstory is built on her mother’s welfare use, but the government organization she seems to have the most experience with is law enforcement — as an offender. Boebert has been cited and summonsed multiple times over the past decade.  

Her knowledge of the Constitution begins and ends with the Second Amendment. She has spoken admiringly of the radical conspiracy-theory generator QAnon and claims to be a member of the militia. But her criminal record and lack of education make her an unattractive prospect for any military recruiter. She is the kind of person that would rather play soldier than be one.  

Boebert should be congratulated for finally getting her GED in May. However, Congressional District 3 is enormous with a myriad of issues both diverse and complex — public lands, water rights, energy extraction, outdoor industry, agriculture, and many others. Boebert’s limited educational attainment would disqualify her for many jobs in our community and calls into question her ability to understand and address the serious issues that matter to the Western Slope.   

Our representative in Congress should possess a command of the issues and experience in public service. Only one candidate in the CD-3 race meets that threshold — Diane Mitsch Bush. 

Diane served Routt County as County Commissioner and Eagle and Routt Counties as House District 26 Representative. Over 80 percent of Diane’s bills were co-sponsored with Republicans. We need a representative in Washington who knows how to legislate and cooperate. The only candidate who fits that description is Diane Mitsch Bush.  

Claire Noble

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