Letter: Money well spent on God in 2017 at the Bible Museum

Late in 2017, Christie’s auctioned DaVinci’s “Salvator Mundi” — Italian for “World Savior,” — for $450 million, $300 million over the projected price. More surprising, was the identity of the buyer, a Saudi Prince, confirmed by The New York Times.

First reactions range from surprise to sticker shock to Muslim heresy. Islam does recognize Jesus in the Qoran, not as God’s son/man, but respectfully, as a prophet.

With wishful thinking as context — my theory may be misguided — but should fallout from this event in Muslim circles bring us all closer to spiritual detente, all the better.

I was enamored by the story about the Bible Museum in Washington, D.C., and it’s 5-year germination-to-gestation-to-delivery process. Thought, counsel, philanthropy and vision contributed to this modern-day marvel for all to enjoy. I’m unsure how much the entry-fee to attend is, but I hope the number attracts all Bible-ists; from children to seniors to the curious.

The astonishing part was the cost, reaching nearly $500 million. Combine this cultural and historical investment with the auctioned Jesus painting, one billion dollars in 2017 honoring God is, some would say, money well-spent.

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Pat Mitchell

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