Letter: More fireworks, less barn

To the men and women running the town of Avon, I wanted to thank you for last Friday night. The fireworks show was amazing! It was a little weird eating a hot dog while sipping a hot toddy instead of beer, but still, what a great part two for July’s Salute to America.

Now, I don’t have time to look into how much the town is spending on fireworks, but a quick search on the internet led me to an article in the Vail Daily from May 28, 2003,  which said that the “massive fireworks displays” price tag is about $100,000. Now, let’s say that since 2003 the price of fireworks has increased. So for the sake of argument, why don’t we double the price: $200,000 for one fireworks show.

I point this out because there were many people who watched the show on Friday night and took pleasure out of it. We should have more! How many people have gotten excited, or have said, ooh and ahh, at the Hahnewald Barn?  I’m going to guess, not many.

I would like to remind you that the price tag for the initial move for the Hahnewald barn is about two firework displays, ($390,000). To demolish the barn, it would take four and a half amazing pyrotechnic shows, ($900,000).  And get this … to make it into a usable, functioning space … 31 extravaganzas with rockets bursting in the air ($6.2 million).

I ask you, would you rather be amazed by the sounds and sights of explosions over the wonderful town we live in, or do you want that money to go to a 100-year-old rotting barn that only was used for storage for the last however many years, behind a fence, that no one paid any attention to? I say we blow some stuff up and tear down that barn!

Mike Spaid


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