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Letter: More gun laws isn’t the solution

Another senseless shooting and now more calls for additional senseless gun laws. The reality is that there is evil in this world. There always has been and always will be.

Timothy McVeigh didn’t need guns to kill, nor did the 9/11 terrorists. The strictest gun laws are in major metropolitan cities such as Chicago and New York, which have the most gun violence and related deaths in the country.

You will note that the Boulder shooter had passed a background check to purchase his gun; the law was followed.

His family knew he was unstable and knew that he had purchased a gun and yet did nothing to alert authorities. Redf-flag laws do not work if family and friends are not willing to sound an alarm. Do we hold the family accountable?

Perhaps it is time for the many who appear so ignorant to learn something about guns and how they work. A letter in the Daily this week claimed that an AR-15 was an extremely powerful gun. The reality is that the .223/.556 round is very diminutive compared to other rifle cartridges. The .223/.556 is not a sizable enough caliber to be used in hunting deer and elk in Colorado. Large game hunting chamberings are much more powerful.

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The people who commit these crimes are criminals. They do not care what the law says. Murder is against the law. Making murder illegal has not stopped these unnecessary deaths. More gun laws only affect the law-abiding citizens who have a Constitutional right to protect themselves from the evil in our society.

If we want to make a change, why don’t we discuss what is wrong with a society that produces the monsters who commit these horrendous acts?

John King


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