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Letter: More of the same nonsense from Cal Thomas

In a Sunday column in the Vail Daily, Cal Thomas criticizes Democrats as “far-left” and “lunatic left” due to their lack of tweet support for Iranian protestors, a la Trump. He wrote: “It’s too early to say, but the least that should be expected is that people who enjoy the blessings of liberty, including the right to say very foolish things, support the efforts of others who want to free themselves from totalitarian oppression. If they won’t, perhaps they should pick what they think is a better country and live there.”

In other words, “my way or the highway!” Mr. Thomas’ long hate-filled commentary shows a lack of understanding of the Middle East. As soon as there is an appearance of United States support in an internal Iranian matter, the mullahs use this as a rallying cry against American interference. In countries such as Iraq and Iran, where more than 90% of people have an unfavorable view of the United States, this is a rallying cry against the U.S. and Israel. It is similar to a law enforcement officer showing up at a dreaded domestic dispute; as soon as he is perceived to be intervening, both parties direct their anger toward the new enemy.

Also, it is very unwise for the U.S. to hint at support when we have a long history, dating back to Czechoslovakia, of abandoning revolutions when push comes to shove. The usual result is that the freedom fighters end up in far worse situations than prior to us offering false hope. Better to let the Iranians settle this internally rather than being blamed for another failed “CIA sponsored overthrow” gone array.

Rol Hamelin


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