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Letter: More than neighbors

After reading Judson Haims’ article about helping aging neighbors, I was moved to respond with my own story. My duplex partners, Lisa and Lori Delafield and Chip Craft, are more than neighbors. They have become caring friends. Just today a box of still-warm chocolate chip cookies was left at my front door.

In the summer I’m the recipient of fresh flowers. In the winter, my walk is shoveled when we only have 1-3/4 inches of snow and the service doesn’t come. Year round I get baked goods, soup and other special goodies they make or buy. They are always sharing. They are always there for me, even removing a dead bird that flew into my house or offering to help with my dog.

I hope these examples will encourage others to help an aging neighbor. We’re just waiting for you to offer.

Ellen Caplan


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