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Letter: Moving barn is a terrible waste of money

The barn that does not actually have most of its original structure and needs a ton of work somehow scammed the Avon taxpayer. There is nothing about this decision that is efficient and it will end up costing the town millions of more dollars from this point on. The fact that this decision did not go to the public for a vote makes me question the motivations of the council members who approved it and really concerns me.

If money like this so easily available for waste then why not spend the millions on much-needed town improvements. Or use it to for purposes that actually benefit the Avon taxpayer. So many beneficial options are out there that can really improve the quality of our town. For what Avon will end up spending on this barn, the town could build a heritage center or just give it to the schools. We now own a dysfunctional barn that consists of some of its original wood that we need to store, improve and find a home for. Crazy.

Chris Anthony


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