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Letter: My fellow Red Cliff Americans: You reap what you sow

Irony is nothing to laugh about, and so, rebuked, I soul search. Red Cliff’s ballot issue to eliminate board term limits failed. We currently have two appointed trustees, since not enough interested citizens were willing to run for office. Few ever come to our meetings. There are “undercurrent” reservations about our performance? Intellect? Judgment? Effort? Scruples? Constructive Criticism ’R Us and something we desire.

I respect my fellow board members for the effort and the diverse perspectives they offer. Personal agenda is intolerable. We have common objectives, and we’ve shared huge successes that have been great for our town. We are in the black. We are not moving from one emergency to the next regarding finances, infrastructure or personnel. Our town is operating smoothly. We are not looking at the future; we are reaching to grab it. Each of us has her or his own vision that is certainly varied and some radically opposed. We are citizens first. We are activists second.

Our Thanksgiving dinner at the Town Hall brought together a hundred persons from four generations. The spectacular spread provided by Mango’s and citizenry alike was as good as it gets. Our administrator and staff orchestrated perfection. The sharing of warmth and good cheer was remarkable and memorable. Meeting newly arrived peoples, bonding with old friends and neighbors not recently seen, excited the crowd. Because our ballot issue failed, I wondered if the nays were even there. It takes any of the humor out of the irony that was my first reaction.

The Thanksgiving feast and the Biblical “you reap what you sow” are particularly apropos. Folks who reject teaming with our effort have decided to be on the outside. There is no desire in the board to be exclusive by any stretch. I wish to extend an olive branch, to apologize for my insensitivity and to invite you to come to the meetings or send a representative. Get a glimpse of what it takes. Run for office. Send us packing. You may have to dedicate a lot of your time and effort (not that much). It may be a drain on your recreation and family fun. The reward is not in any adulation you might receive.


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Jake Spears

Red Cliff

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