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Letter: My way or stay Home

In response to Susan Thistlethwaite’s commentary, “What about my freedom?” she highlights her bias and hypocrisy. She begins with “Your freedom to act ends where my nose begins.” She could easily have identified Lollapalooza in Chicago which had nearly 100,000 people a day over four days or the Obama’s 60th birthday bash in Massachusetts, which, if the numbers are true, preceded an uptick of positive cases in Martha’s Vineyard.

Nevertheless, those examples do not fit her one-sided narrative and it would mean criticizing her left-leaning liberal friends. I find it unlikely Thistlethwaite would encounter anyone from Sturgis. She may have “divine intervention” and somehow knows everyone from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is unvaccinated or not immune, but I doubt it.

To gather with friends and family is a “freedom” we all enjoy. For her to gather with friends or exercise with others in the gym, and not visit her grandchildren due to Sturgis is plainly hypocritical. Freedom is a choice; we all make choices.

Thistlethwaite liberal-minded commentary is threatening by pushing the mantra “my way or else!” Medical research is evolving. There is an ongoing debate as to whether someone who had COVID-19 is just as protected as the vaccinated. Choosing to be on one side or the other is not “refusing” (as “refusing” is a politically charged word she invokes freely). It is and should be a calculated choice, based on consultation with your health provider, not pressure from lay people or the community.

I have chosen to be vaccinated so I can enjoy my freedom. I try to keep my “nose” out of other peoples’ business. Banning people from working, grocery shopping, or flying because they don’t have a vaccine, for whatever reason, is just another step toward government control over your life. Thistlethwaite’s perverse (your words) idea of freedom is do what I tell you to do. Freedom of choice is the foundation of our country. Matthew 7:1-2, “Do not judge lest you be judged.”

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You have the freedom to choose to visit your grandchildren and take appropriate precautions (or not), including testing if you choose. While Dr. Thistlethwaite opines on many topics, to include climate change, politics, and COVID-19, she should stick to her expertise, the “science” of theology.

Jack McBride


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