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Letter: National Popular Vote Compact good for Colorado

Good for Colorado for joining the National Popular Vote Intestate Compact — another example of the old adage that there is strength in numbers. Under the present system, Colorado controls just nine of 538 electoral votes. But as part of the compact, Colorado voters have a say in the selection of 270 electors — enough to elect a president. In other words, the compact significantly amplifies the voice of every Colorado voter.

Along with Colorado, New Mexico and Delaware have already passed the National Popular Vote bill this year, giving the compact 189 of the 270 electoral votes it needs to become effective. Once it does, the compacting states will award their 270 or more electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote across 50 states and the District of Columbia. So the president of the United States will always be the popular choice of America’s voters. 

Sylvia Bernstein