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Letter: National Popular Vote eliminates Electoral College? No

The National Popular Vote Compact does not eliminate the Electoral College. It just changes how the votes are tabulated. The compact requires that all nine of Colorado’s electoral votes be given to the national popular vote leader even when a majority of Coloradans vote for a different candidate. 

How does this uphold my right to vote? What matters?What was the vote in other states? Who was the winner in other states? Texas (38) and Florida (29) have a cumulative 67 votes that matter. Colorado’s nine votes do not matter, because the compact requires that our nine votes be changed to be the same winner as more populated states. 

How is that a representative electoral vote? Do you prefer a system that allows another city to decide your City Council?  If no, why president? Why give up your vote for president to another state? How does the one person, one vote principle exist if your vote does not matter for president … before you vote. 

A proportional electoral college would be real reform of winner takes all format, but this compact only alters total tabulation of winner takes all and gives away our vote to more populous states. Please allow the opportunity for your Colorado vote to matter. Vote No on 113.

Alexander Ball


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