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Letter: National Popular Vote law is flawed

Retired law professor Rob Natelson (Vail Daily, March 9) is right in pointing out the serious constitutional obstacles to the passage and legality of the so-called “National Popular Vote” legislation our governor has signed into law. 
The idea behind this legislation is to favor those voters whose votes fail to secure an Electoral College majority for their presidential candidate, who, nevertheless receives a majority of the popular vote nationwide. 

Think Hillary Clinton. 

Of course, in so doing, those who voted for the Electoral College winner, in effect, would be disenfranchised. 

Passage of this legislation would put Colorado voters in thrall to the whims of voters in California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois, among other more populous (and left-leaning) states. A Coloradan who voted for a presidential candidate who won an Electoral College majority would see his or her vote nullified by a candidate who won the popular vote, but lost in the Electoral College. 

Again, think Hillary Clinton. 

In writing the United States Constitution, the founding fathers balanced competing state interests in many ways, including the  Electoral College.

Their aim was to create “a more perfect Union.” 

Does Gov. Jared Polis presume to be smarter than James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and the others who authored the U.S. Constitution?

Or is our governor motivated by crass political interests?

That is, and should be, an easy question to answer. 

Gerald Katz


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