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Letter: National Popular Vote will amplify Colorado votes

Please don’t be fooled by opponents of the National Popular Vote bill who falsely argue that this measure diminishes the voices of Colorado voters in presidential elections. They have their facts upside down.

In fact, the National Popular Vote bill, recently signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis, would amplify the voices of Colorado voters, once it takes effect. Today, Colorado controls only nine electoral votes out of the 270 necessary to elect a president. But as part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, every single voter in Colorado would have a direct say in awarding 270 electoral votes — and the White House — to the candidate who gets the most popular votes across all 50 states and Washington D.C. That’s empowering to every Colorado voter.

Consider the 52% of voters in Colorado who voted for someone other than Hillary Clinton in 2016. Their votes all went to Clinton as part of Colorado’s 9 electoral votes — and showed up on most electoral maps as “blue” Colorado. Once we have a National Popular Vote Compact in effect, their votes will roll up into the national total and Colorado totals will look more diverse as we truly are. 

 Linda Sorauf


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