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Letter: New Frost Creek ‘kingdom’ emits glow that outshines winter night sky

Driving home from the 12th Night bonfire in Eagle, the burning of Christmas trees in the park, I was full of contentment seeing what makes our town so special.

Then turning up Brush Creek, I spotted a new light in the southern sky. Perhaps Christmas really wasn’t officially over! Lo and behold there is a new kingdom, which glows even brighter than our fair small town. I was excited to see what it might be.

Sadly it was Frost Creek lit up like never before, on Saturday, Jan. 6, at 7 at night. Unless they were waiting for an archangel to land, I don’t understand the tennis courts lit bright enough to land a Huey helicopter, and I doubt anyone was dining courtside.

I sat through enough county meetings to know our dark sky is an absolute treasure here and one that is protected. I would first ask for Frost Creek to review their lighting procedures and regulations and secondly see that their lights are down turned.

And why these tennis court lights in January, our most beautiful of winter night skies? You are not advertising to Interstate 70. Oh wait, private jets might see you. And like proverbial moths to a flame …

Rosie Shearwood


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