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Letter: New grading policy

For those who are unaware, some of our public schools started a new grading policy this year. Homework is no longer graded at Battle Mountain High School, only tests and quizzes are graded. My kids actually like being graded on homework because it helps them prepare for tests. If they struggle with the work, they get extra help from teachers who have office hours before and after school several days each week.

I had a teacher explain the new grading policy to me: some kids were struggling and stressed out with homework, so it was decided to just do away with grading homework. The stressed and struggling kids therefore only need to prepare for tests. This is not a good life lesson for our kids. If something is tough and stressful, just don’t do it, skip it, forget about it.

One of our beloved Battle Mountain High School teachers recently quit and told his students he is not happy with how the school is being run. We cannot afford to lose teachers. What is happening in our schools? Let teachers teach! Make kids work so they can feel good about their accomplishments. Raise the bar!

Hilary Petrowski


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