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Letter: Nice move, Vail, on flag swap

I just read in Sunday’s Vail Daily about how the town of Vail is honoring Ukraine, replacing Russia’s flag along the frontage road with Ukraine’s. Nice move! As Town Manager Scott Robson says, “Symbols are about all we can do right now.” But they’re not inconsequential. They tell our political policy-makers how we feel and in this case, we feel like paying tribute to an innocent nation victimized by a menacing megalomaniac, not to the nation that gives him his strength.

So wouldn’t it be nice if Vail Resorts does something similar? Rename Siberia Bowl as Ukrainian Bowl. Change the Red Square run to Kyiv, Gorky Park to Mariupol, Bolshoi to Zelenskyy, or maybe just “Z.” Like the changing of the flags, it would be a symbol, but a symbol worth showcasing.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be as easy as taking down one flag and raising another because it would require new signage and new maps, so it might not be practical to make it happen before the end of this season, but by next season it will still be fitting because I don’t expect we’ll have forgotten the unbefitting brutality of Russia’s attack. It will surely still be fresh for the poor souls in Ukraine.

Greg Dobbs


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