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Letter: No, it’s not 1933 all over again

Linda Carr claims in her recent letter that “we are living in a very similar situation to 1933 Germany.” Nothing could be further from historical and contemporary facts.

Other than in the fevered minds of Donald Trump’s opponents, there are no similarities between the democracy we live in and Germany in 1933. Elections continue to be held in the United States, no books are burned, Congress has not been suspended, no political parties have been banned (indeed, an avowed “Democratic socialist” is in the lead for the Democratic presidential nomination) and, most important, people like Carr can safely express their views without fear of retribution from the authorities. Carr is free to disagree with President Trump’s policies, character or anything else she dislikes about him.

However, to ascribe to the president Hitler-like powers or policies merely identifies her as another Trump hater. That doesn’t, and shouldn’t, win rational arguments. 

Gerald Katz


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