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Letter: No, it’s not the weather, it’s your bad driving

If you read what follows, please picture me in my rocking chair, on my porch, 30 years from now …  OK people, let’s talk about Tuesday. We all knew that we were going to get some weather. It shouldn’t shock anyone.  But what shocked me was your driving. Going westbound on I-70 at 5 p.m., I did see some out-of-town plates, but for the most part, it was all locals. Local restaurant stickers, local ski/snowboard shop stickers, and drivers with their name tags on.   

So my first question is when, as locals, when did we stop using turn signals? After sitting in the westbound lane, for almost two hours, I will be happy to let you change lanes if you think it will get you to your destination quicker. But for the love of all that is holy, warn me first! If you use your blinker, I or someone like me will let you in. You don’t need to cause another accident. 

Second, and I hate to call out people, but to the lady wearing the glasses and puffball hat, driving the blue (I think) Subaru Outback following the  Toyota FJ Cruiser, OMG I don’t know if you were looking for a date, really wanted to see who he was texting, or didn’t realize how close you were to him, but wow, I felt like all it would take was one blink  or sneeze away and you would get to know his rear end real well (If you know what I am sayin’). 

And last but not least, to the SUV that was behind me from mile marker 172 on the interstate to the Walmart exit on Highway 6, or about 8 total miles, your brights were on! 

So, this Friday we are expected to get some more snow. Do me a favor and please pick one… Just stay at home in your recliner with your leftover turkey and leave the driving to the professionals. Or, option No. 2, it’s 2019, so just do your black Friday shopping online like the rest of the developed world and stay off the roads. Or, option No. 3, stay off the roads since I can only imagine how your driving will be once the tryptophan kicks in!

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Hugs, kisses and now get off my roads you damn kids.

Mike Spaid


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