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Letter: No love found in Thistlethwaite’s writings

It’s hard to listen to a side that constantly shouts for love, tolerance and toning down the rhetoric, but who in the same breath accuses all Republicans and conservative Christians for a violent act committed by a mentally ill man. We have no idea what the motive was behind the tragic shooting in Colorado Springs, but that doesn’t stop Susan Thistlethwaite from creeping out of the shadows and targeting her favorite villains: conservative Christian Republicans.

The fact is there is hate on both sides of the aisle, which Thistlethwaite demonstrates every time she writes for the Vail Daily. For those that are unaware, most of us Christians are focused on our own walk with God, and sharing the Good News of the gospel and the redemptive power of Christ’s love. But not Thistlethwaite. I find no love in her articles … only hate.

Sara Flynn


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