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Letter: No more assaults over masks, please

I read with interest your story “Vail Police seek assistance in identifying assault suspect.” I can’t say I’m surprised because my family and I witnessed a verbal assault launched on a maskless teenager by a couple near the Four Seasons on the day after Christmas. The teenager was trying to make a phone call, and there wasn’t a person within 10 feet of her. My friends have told me of similar stories.

When the Vail Town Council enacted the mandatory outdoor mask ordinance I was disappointed and surprised, and I quickly envisioned a scenario where our local citizens would “self deputize” themselves to shame, harass and berate non-mask wearers. Well, here we are. Interestingly, the scientific literature is very clear that outdoor transmission is infinitesimally small when compared to prolonged, crowded indoor gatherings.

It seems to me that mask compliance is very high throughout the Valley. Each day I see people skiing with N95 masks, I see people wearing masks in their car while driving alone, and I see couples walking their dog along the Gore without a soul in sight wearing a mask.

In the New Year I am hoping for some compassion, humility and common sense in the face of this ongoing pandemic. If you see a maskless person, a polite and humble reminder is all that is necessary. Alternatively, it is pretty easy to just jog around and distance yourself from the maskless person if you are uncomfortable. Let’s have common sense and let courtesy rule the day. No more assaults over masks, please.

Kevin Tice


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