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Letter: No need to apologize

The whining and entitlement of some people complaining about long lines, wanting refunds on their equipment, and more lifts open is pathetic. Skiing is an extreme sport. Weather is always a factor — so deal with it! If the snow is amazing, people come out of the woodwork, so if there’s a problem for any visitor, just be flexible. It’s life!

Vail and Beaver Creek pride themselves on good grooming, safety, courtesy and have amazing resorts. Either appreciate these attributes and stop feeling entitled.

My daughter, due to plane cancellations, shuttles fully booked, weather and closed roads, took 31 hours to reach Beaver Creek. She was obviously dismayed and sometimes frightened, but she didn’t whine and complain or feel entitled. Her husband and son were caught in Idaho Springs, had to overnight, and then it took four hours instead of one to reach Beaver Creek — no whining from either of them!

Neil and Kay Rosser

Beaver Creek

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