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Letter: ‘No’ on 6A

Mountain Recreation is a great organization and has done amazing things for Recreation in Eagle County. I support Mountain Rec but cannot support an increase of over twice our current taxes for one organization. I could understand a 10-20% increase, but more than doubling the cost of our support is over the top. Home evaluations in our county are rising dramatically, as well as an increasing overall tax base.

Although Mountain Rec benefits many people of all age groups, a lot of those people have never or rarely set foot in any of their facilities. Those who are benefiting directly should be participating in increased user fees for these additional services and expansions of facilities. 6A has not mentioned anything about increased user fees, but it does mention equal access. Equal access occurs whether or not you are in the Mountain Rec tax district.

Asking for $60 million from taxpayers to fund facility upgrades is near half of the amount the entire school district asked for a few years back. It equates to a huge cost per resident. Why is there no sunset clause in this tax? I don’t believe the board of directors for Mountain Rec has explored other options for facility uses. Why not partner with private entities for programs, such as gym time, classes and kitchens in restaurants. Allow the community to use facilities that are already available, such as high school tracks and fields. I understand some gyms in our community have shut down due to financial hardships over the past two years — why not partner with existing gyms?

A tax hike to fund $60 million in upgrades is a hard pill to swallow, especially when we are already being priced out of our community with home values and increased taxes.

Eric Peterson

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