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Letter: No room in the big tent

I must confess at being greatly distressed by Linda Carr’s letter in the Aug. 2 edition of the Vail Daily (Evangelicals: What would Jesus do?). The anger is astounding. How many more people will you kick out of your “big tent?”

I voted for a president, not a Sunday school teacher. The terrible candidate the Democrats put up had incredible flaws, not the least important of which was an inability to run a decent campaign. There was also the little matter of clearly illegal activities in high positions and grossly unethical (and probably illegal as well) management of philanthropic monies.

The author states that religion should be kept separate from politics, then wades in with both feet. Whatever happened to tolerance?

I do agree, however, that the government should be kept out of women’s health issues. In fact, the government should stay out of all health issues entirely. When the government gets involved in anything, it becomes grossly inefficient and inflationary. Tell me again about keeping one’s doctor and how the costs will drop remarkably.

I found the letter terribly offensive — as well as grossly inaccurate. The accusations regarding the treatment of illegals at the border are untrue and slanderous. I can only pray for this writer.

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Morton Mower

Beaver Creek

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