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Letter: No, the sky is not falling

Cynthia Lepthien’s response to Jonah Goldberg’s recent column misses the point. She states: “We are in fact in an existential crisis and an extinction event.” Seems she got her direction from Rahm Emanuel.

May I respectfully direct Lepthien’s attention to Physicist Steven Koonin’s book titled “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters.” Koonin got his BS from CalTech and his PhD from MIT before becoming Barack Obama’s Energy Department lead scientist. He probably falls into the brilliant category. In his book, Koonin states that the science about our planet’s climate is anything but settled. Unsettled does not a crisis make. Unsettled does not an extinction event make.

We will get nowhere with issues like climate change and immigration (to name two) until people stop screaming crisis and come to the table with reasonableness and willingness to openly discuss all sides of these very complex problems. The sky is not falling.

Mike Kieler


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