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Letter: Not a fan of new Game Creek Express

If I was being held to a one-word review of the newly unveiled (or is it just un-Vail) Game Creek Express (Chair 7 to you non-visitors), that word might be “Essshh!!” and only because “it sucks” is two words. 

When the new Gondola One started running in 2012, it seemed to me to be a masterpiece of bad design. Unlike the roomy cabins of the Eagle Bahn, with its wide doors, easy access to skis, and seating on 3 sides, Gondy One had narrow doors, cramped ski racks and a narrow aisle with seats on either side where, once you sat down, you would be playing kneesies with the person across from you.

Contrary to the hype, it was not “a tremendous step forward” for anything and one’s proximity to the exhalation of the person across the aisle during COVID was unsettling, to say the least.

The new Chair 7 is too low at both the loading and unloading positions.  

When you get on at the bottom and sit back, your ski tails drag and push your toes down, like you’re stepping on a gas pedal with both feet.  At the top, your skis come up, crunching your knees into an uncomfortable position for standing, but you have to get off quickly because the chair starts its U-turn all too quickly.

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At least that was my experience today.  I know you’re supposed to say that everything Vail Resorts does is great (we do love the mountain), but sometimes, somebody’s got to say that the emperor is naked.  Please, put some clothes on.

Bob Abrams
Highland Park, Illinois, and Vail

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