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Letter: Not a great time to close the lake

I’d first like to commend Avon for fostering a wonderful atmosphere in the park throughout this tenuous summer.  The environment has been first-rate, whether for picnics, volleyball, paddleboards, flamingo floats, or social hour for dogs.  

This weekend, however, I cannot help but feel for how many families are here for an end-of-summer getaway, finding the lake closed for an open water swimming championship.  This seems an appropriate moment to remind that, with all due respect to both the Nottingham family and to the rigors of swimming, it is a pond.  Parents can relax in the sun or shade as children stretch their boundaries and freedoms a bit. Now, plan B for them likely involves begrudging movements beneath the oppressive sun.
Surely the lake can host paddle races and maybe even sunglass and keychain hunts. But doing so during school break seems to me some unfortunate fine print on the back of the town”s summer calling card.

Nate Wilhelm


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