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Letter: Not about COVID-19

This quick message is not about COVID-19, it is not about getting sick, or sanitizing, or even wearing your mask, (please sanitize and wear your mask though). This is about the world, and how it has changed — for the better.

The world without COVID-19 was mean, no one would stop to ask if you were OK, stop to lend a hand. Now, people have stepped into others’ shoes and taken a look at what others’ lives are like and acknowledged the help that someone needs.

If you haven’t helped anybody lately, try it, even if it is your parents, your neighbors. But the best kind of help is spontaneous — help a stranger, who knows, that little bit of help might be the spark that begins a raging fire of hope!

Thank you for reading this, be kind, and thank you to all the doctors, grocery store workers, pharmacists, moms, dads, and a special thanks to all the teachers. I know mine have made me happy!

Hannah Rollins

Eagle County Charter Academy

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