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Letter: Not finished with the barn just yet

Thank you to all the Avon residents for responding to the Hahnewald barn survey. It was a great response that lets the town council know how the residents feel about spending tax dollars on this issue. 

On Tuesday the town council will determine the barn’s fate. The town indicated in a press release that “the results of the survey do not bind the town to a decision.” The members of council could still vote to spend money moving the barn or dismantle it and put it into storage. 

The town council has gone against the voters’ wishes before with the new town hall, also known as the Skier Building. Please plan to attend this meeting to let the town council know not to spend tax dollars on the barn.  Let them know that the taxpayers are ready to initiate a recall election for the council members who vote to spend tax dollars on this issue. If you can’t attend the meeting, please send an email to the town council at avoncouncilweb@avon.org to let them know your opinion. 

Angelo Loria


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