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Letter: Not just pretty faces

Our bighorn sheep are not stupid. Besides laying claim to their traditional winter feeding grounds at least three to four days a week since the October snows, and more if you look higher up, they have learned when it’s safe to lick the mag chloride. About 10 days ago they were trying to build up their courage to venture onto the East Vail frontage road when the town of Vail’s Code Enforcement truck pulled up.

As soon as he stopped, half the sheep bounded down the embankment and onto the road knowing they were now protected from speeding cars! I would venture that it is a lot safer and healthier for the sheep, as well as our vehicles, to place mineral licks up on the hillside rather than the bewildering suggestion to spray more corrosive mag chloride next to the road! When winter is over you remove the licks, just as you would stop spraying your roadside chemicals for them. No difference in prolonging their activity there.

Rol Hamelin


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