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Letter: Not missing the noise on I-70

The circumstances are devastating, but the results are astonishing. I’m talking about how the closure of I-70 due to the Grizzly Creek fire has diminished the semi-truck traffic through Vail.

The result has been almost a complete absence of the terrible noise these trucks make racing through our valley using jake brakes off and on from the bottom of Vail Pass to Dowd Junction. To my knowledge, Vail has a noise abatement ordinance. However, my experience with the constant noise these trucks make throughout the day and night leads me to conclude that the Vail Police Department does not make a serious effort to enforce this law.

For those Vail Valley residents that experience this constant highway noise harassment and have noticed the recent noise relief, I am asking that you call Vail Police Chief Dwight Hemminger. Express your concern and demand that the ordinance be enforced. Enforcing this law won’t produce peace and quiet in our valley, but hopefully, we will notice the difference. At least stop the jake brakes and for sure you will.

George Strate


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