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Letter: Not that hard to wear a mask

Editor’s note: This letter was written before Eagle County created an ordinance to require masks in its latest public health order.

Come on, Eagle County, it’s not that hard to wear a mask.  Before long I will be 80 years old and have done everything I can to protect myself and my partner from getting COVID-19. I have followed all the suggested rules of staying home, for the most part, washing my hands, practicing social distancing when I do go out and wearing a mask. However, I need your help!

I don’t expect you to wear a mask when you are biking, jogging, hiking or walking your dogs but I would feel so much more comfortable if you would wear a mask when grocery shopping, going to the post office or any other large enclosed facility where there are a lot of people. All of the employees of the grocery stores, Walmart, Home Depot and Costco are required to wear masks in order to protect their customers, so why can’t we wear a mask to protect them and each other as well? After all, they wear their masks the whole time they are working while we only need to wear them for the 10, 20, 50 minutes we are shopping. Is that really so hard?

When the pandemic struck, Eagle County was one, if not the biggest hotspot in the state and now we are one of the safest. I give a lot of credit to Will Cook, president and CEO of Vail Health, for turning those statistics around.  His prompt action to make sure that the hospital was ready to handle what was coming by getting the personal and materials in place as well as educating all of us on what needed to be done was a big factor in leveling the curve. But now, more people are coming into the valley from all over the country and we need to go back to taking all the precautions we can to not let the virus come back.

County Commissioners, please mandate that masks need to be worn in the facilities I mentioned above so that we can keep Eagle County safe.  Unfortunately, not all people will do this unless it is required and the business above cannot require it unless you mandate it.

Jeanne Cunningham

Eagle County

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