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Letter: Nothing ugly about saving the lives of sheep

The Vail Daily recently published an article regarding the new East Vail wildlife fencing and stated that many town citizens feel the fence is too ugly. In December 2019, an East Vail bus of adults and children watched as a ram from our local herd seized to death after being hit by a car on East Vail’s west entrance ramp.

On March 23, while riding her bike, my daughter saw a ewe get hit on the highway, then bloodied and scared, made her way up the nearby northern hillside with injuries that required subsequent euthanization. A few days later, I personally watched as a bloodied, dead and likely pregnant ewe was being hauled off the highway into a CPW truck.  I will argue that the scenes just described are far “uglier” to visualize than a temporary fence. The sheep are being enticed to their deaths on the highway due to the salt compounds being used for snowmelt. The fence is apparently working for the safety of the sheep and the drivers of motor vehicles encountering the sheep.     

I would like to thank the members of our Town Council for their quick response to a dangerous situation and, in particular, thank Kim Langmaid for her strong and caring efforts that hope to provide for a ” sustainable” cohabitation scenario involving our local wildlife and citizens. 

Donna Mumma


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