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Letter: Now that Rittenhouse is free

The next step is to sue all those who said reckless things about Kyle Rittenhouse, starting with President Joe Biden.

I am concerned about civil suits by the deceaseds’ relatives. Remember that after his criminal trial, O.J. Simpson got sued by the victims’ survivors, and they were awarded a large money judgment. That case held that O.J. had killed his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman. Some lefty lawyers may take such a case, even though they are not likely to win, just to impoverish Kyle.

I am also concerned that the lefties may try to get a federal case going. That has been held to not be double jeopardy. Recall the Rodney King case of alleged police misconduct in Californiaa. The cops were acquitted in state court, but were charged and convicted in a civil rights case in federal court.

Notice how the lefties harp on the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse crossed a state line, even though the distance traveled was just 21 miles. He lives in Antioch, Illinois, with his mother, and his father, and other relatives live in Kenosha, Wisconsin.This may be their basis for claiming federal jurisdiction.

New York Rep. Jerry Nadler is asking for an inquiry into the possibility of some action in federal court.

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Terry Quinn


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