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Letter: NRA leaders and members need to step up

Thank you, Nate Peterson, for your excellent column in last Friday’s Vail Daily. I also am sick and tired of hearing about “thoughts and prayers” which so many people utter after each mass shooting. In addition, I am sick and tired of reading where we are asked to contact our legislators imploring them to pass tougher gun control legislation, such as tighter background checks and the loopholes in gun sales.

However, there needs to be more done than this. All automatic military-style weapons should not be allowed for anyone to have unless you are in the military. Period. These are not guns that hunters or skeet shooters use and are only meant to kill large numbers of people quickly.

Why is this so hard for our lawmakers to act on such legislation? Mass shootings are a constant occurrence in our country. No one can dispute that. And yet, the only thing the NRA seems to be able to do is to yell about protecting the Second Amendment.

I have yet to hear the leaders of the NRA offer any kind of plan or solution to work towards stopping these atrocious tragedies. Why are they silent in offering any assistance in confronting this problem? Come on, NRA members, you know what is happening is wrong and that it needs to be stopped. Stop yelling about your guns being taken away, which no one is wanting to do, except for the high-powered rifles which you don’t really need anyway. Be vocal, stop complaining about losing your guns and do something about offering solutions.

Jeanne Cunningham


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