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Letter: Ode to a beer cooler

Thanks, Bart & Yeti’s beer cooler, for serving me cold (and sometimes TOO cold) beers for the last 45 years. Thanks for introducing me to new people and maintaining existing friendships all these years. Thanks for separating me from my money, but most of all, thanks for breaking my fall in 1982, when I came crashing through the ceiling over the bar.    

It was obvious that you were failing, and we all accepted this, and we knew you would be leaving us; however, I have to thank all the bumper stickers that held you together for the last three years, and for that I am grateful.  RIP, Bart & Yeti’s beer cooler. Words are not enough … so perhaps I will have a beer. I’ll miss you! 

P.S. Bring stickers.

Packy  Walker


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