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Letter: Offended by ‘real job’ column

At first, I thought it was just a bad decision by the headline writer. Then I read the article and Elizabeth Kraus actually used the words “real job” in her column. I was offended by this.

I’d like to let her know that every job … in this town, this state, this country, this world is a REAL JOB!

Real jobs run our valley. Housekeepers clean rooms. Restaurant staff workers cook and serve meals. People plow snow. Grocery workers stock shelves. Mountain workers do everything — ticket sales, lift ops, ski patrol keep us safe, groomers, plus many more. This list could go on and on.

These real jobs pay rent, pay mortgages, pay all the bills. These jobs run our local businesses, our mountains, our economy.

Without these people working the truly real jobs here in the Vail/Eagle Valley you, Elizabeth Kraus, would not be living here. I’ve been living here since 1980 and I have worked a real job the entire time.

Shawn Boris


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