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Letter: Offended by Richard’s Rulings

To Richard Carnes: I served in three wars under three different presidents as an Army helicopter pilot. I served in Desert Storm under H, Operation Iraqi Freedom under W, and under Obama during Operation New Dawn. I have not lived in the Vail Valley for the last 30 years — in fact, I have spent three years in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait.

Contrary to your extremely biased opinion, we did win Operation Desert Storm, we liberated Kuwait and went home. I served for 30 years guaranteeing your right to free speech and the freedom of the press. You have insulted me, a person of faith, in every paragraph you write for this newspaper. You have inferred that I am a Christian fascist, a racist, a sexist, and any other insults you can come up with. You have told me that the president has committed treason and that it spells quid pro quo, even after those words were dropped by the Democrats. You even quoted Bill Clinton and Jesus Christ in one of your columns.

The fact that you quoted Jesus Christ, using his words that he spoke about forgiveness while being crucified is extremely objectionable to me. Which seems to be your primary point — to insult and ridicule because of your dislike for Donald Trump. In your latest column, along with your standard insults of people who believe in a deity, you inferred that Trump is responsible for the fires in Australia. That seems to be the standard moronic track of the left: blame everything you don’t like on Donald Trump. It’s a little bit of a stretch when the Australian police have arrested 24 citizens for arson. 

Paul Kahler


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