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Letter: …Oh, I am offended

Richard Carnes, shame on you! Your latest column is called “‘Tis the season to be offended,” and wow, I am truly offended! How dare you tell me how I am outraged during the “festive season.” 

First, you said Christmas is two weeks away — well so is Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and National Maple Syrup Day, (OK, that is only one week away) but you couldn’t mention them? Outrage! And, yes, you talked about the beef industry versus the plant-based meat craze, but why isn’t anyone talking about cat burgers? I mean, I love cats, they taste just like chicken!  The indignation!  

Oh, oh, and then you go into coal versus alternative energy. Yeah, I’m not going to touch that one. But my rage comes from you not pointing out these upcoming holidays flaws: Like, how come we don’t see the faces of Abraham Lincoln or George Washington in stores in January for their birthday celebration in February, but Frosty the snowman is in stores before Halloween? Enraged!  Or why don’t we hear, “Here comes Peter Cottontail” early March when “Let it Snow” is playing before Thanksgiving? The horror! 

But what shocked me the most is you didn’t mention the most vile, despicable person that makes her hideous appearance during this time of year. Yes, I am talking about Shirley Temple!!!! Where are the #mitwo or #elmerswhatif about this girl who breaks her bat on Johnny’s head? What happens if kids listen to this song and we have a shortage of gum because they are using penny slugs? Who cares about the “hidden” meaning in “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” — we should all band together and stop this terrorist before Susie’s hair gets another knot. Who’s with me?

Mike Spaid

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