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Letter: On punctuation

For the first time in a very long time, Americans are afraid. The citizens of this nation, built on American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny, are quivering in their boots, shoes and slippers.

Why? They’re afraid of Mexican rapists crossing the border in uncontrolled waves. They’re afraid of Russia invading Ukraine. They’re afraid of communists taking over the country. They’re afraid of fascists taking over the country. They’re afraid of the the unseen killer topping more than 800,000 COVID-related deaths in the United States and over 5.3 million worldwide. “Wars and rumors of wars.“ Pestilence. The war against democracy: ”I alone can fix it!“ Sound like the end times? A sense of hopelessness has taken hold. The forces of darkness are massing.

Pesky history shows this is the perfect time for a demagogue to come along and make all things right. Believers thought Napoleon was the Anti-Christ. Then, Hitler. Now Trump. We can surely imagine if none of these was/is the anti-Christ, then that character will surely be a very clever fellow, indeed. After all, if Americans are willing to vote to return Trump to the White House knowing he could be the anti-Christ, what does it say about them?

For example, I have/had a friend on Facebook, someone with whom I also have/had a business relationship. We have been battling around the usual issues. He sees Trump as the savior of America. I don’t. His tone is bullying. No surprise there. I spend inordinate energy asking him to discuss like an adult and finally hit the skids when he said, and I quote: “That’s why the Democrats have already started to fall apart Just Months (sic) into their terms they loose (sic) in the midterms and Trump will be your dictator in 24.” He goes on to say in a postscript: ” Trump is a dictator I was kidding.”

I know. He doesn’t sound rational, let alone literate. We can’t fall into Hillary Clinton’s trap of calling them “deplorables.” They like that. They take pride in the tribal label bestowed on them by the “enemy” — us.

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Look at Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congress’s new conservative clowns. They, too, think they are rational. They, too, think they are dealing with the facts! Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a Muslim. She must be a terrorist. Another example: “Biden is destroying the country!” Is he? Didn’t we get checks for $1,400 each and then checks for our kids to help us when our jobs suddenly went away on March 15, 2020? Didn’t he just wrangle the passage of the largest infrastructure commitment since Eisenhower signed legislation creating the Interstate Highway System in 1956?

Here’s the thing: I notice when Republicans take federal power, four years later there comes a bailout for industry. When they’re out of power, they scream Democrats are ruining the country. They don’t propose any policies. Like Nancy Reagan, they “just say no!” I hate to break it to them, but this is no time to “just say know.” Americans are getting older and sicker. Our environment is getting dirtier and less stable. Republicans know Jesus will take care of them. Democrats wish that were true. So it seems to me.

Gus Nicholson


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