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Letter: One idea to help solve housing crunch

As long as this valley is such a desirable place to live and play, we will never have enough affordable housing. It seems that every square foot that is deemed “buildable” will be built on — a sad thought for folks who treasure open space and a sense of the Mountain West.

I am still waiting for someone to publish a study of how much affordable or workforce housing is presently under construction or is in the planning stage. And then tell us how many workers we are short in the valley. Outside of a shortage of construction workers, where are we lacking employees?

If that study shows we are significantly short of workers, then perhaps the various municipalities and zoning authorities should begin permitting legal lockoff rental units or, as California and other states are enthusiastically doing, begin permitting auxiliary dwelling units, allowing single family homes to add a “Next Gen” living unit to their structure. Those of us who are concerned with remaining in Eagle County as we age or those who wish an adult child could actually return to the valley to help out could be close. It is possible that the town of Vail has already authorized this type of housing. It would be nice to learn how it all worked out.

Carolyn Swanepoel


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