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Letter: One way to get more people wearing masks

So, Andrea Klein, in your letter to the editor on May 31, I would like to know how you are going to pay for the people who stand at the entrances of stores to insist people wear masks? I know you just got to the valley and are going to be here just for the summer. I am guessing that you weren’t here in March, but some stuff went down. 

On May 23, the Vail Daily reported that 20.5% of people were unemployed in Eagle County. I am not sure what happened wherever you are originally from, but in this valley, all of the restaurants and shops had to close down.  They had been closed since March 13 or so — that is almost three months.  Three months of no income but three months of mortgage payments, and I am guessing that a store in Vail Village is paying an H. E. double hockey stick lot in rent. 

So, does a mom and pop shop have the capital to hire someone to just stand around all day, and potentially drive customers away? I don’t think so. I hate wearing my mask, but I do it out of respect to others. One way you might be able to get more people wearing masks is to have a bunch on you when you go shopping, and give them out for free. This way you are showing concern for others and not having one group of people take responsibility for everyone else. Unless of course, you would like to pay for the employees at every store entrance?

Mike Spaid


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