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Letter: Ongoing mask mandates in schools

In perhaps the least surprising development of the holiday season, I read that Eagle County health director Heath Harmon has (once again) asked the county commissioners to extend the school mask mandate for another month. What a shocker.

In August, Harmon had a last-minute epiphany that the delta variant was sufficiently concerning that the schools needed to mask up. In October, the rationale cited was a statewide hospital capacity issue (even though Vail Health was in great shape). And now we are forcing our kids to mask in anticipation of the omicron variant.

Harmon said “it’s going to be a little bit bumpy.” All of this begs the question: How much power and control should an unelected bureaucrat have in making major decisions impacting our community? Furthermore, when will Eagle County rescind the emergency order that is the basis for these decisions? What is the off ramp, exactly?

Meanwhile, Eagle County is threatening legal action on a private school for not following the mask mandate, even though the bars and restaurants are jam-packed (without masks) up and down the valley. There is a trove of scientific data that demonstrates COVID is much less severe to children, yet we have tiered our society to mask those least at risk (our children) and let the adults who are more at risk to party on. None of this makes sense to me.

Kevin Tice

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