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Letter: Other value-reflecting flags that Avon could fly

As I write on May 19, I can find several things that you could call this day the National Day of …  we could celebrate it as National Endangered Species Day or NASCAR Day or we could hang a flag in Avon that looks like a pizza to honor National Pizza Party Day!

This letter relates to the recent articles and letters in the Vail Daily about flags being displayed. The Avon Town Council just voted to keep one flag up for an extended timeframe. Over the last three years, the only two flags other than the United States, Colorado, and town flags that have been displayed in Avon are the Ukrainian flag and the Pride flag. The Avon Town Council makes the decision on the use of flagpoles “based on values they feel are reflective and appropriate for the Avon community…” The recorded meeting has several comments on the potential display of the Pride flag, as being inclusive and diverse. How does one thing show inclusion and diversity? The answer is — it doesn’t!

With a bit of research, I have found a diverse variety of appropriate and value-reflecting national days that Avon Town Council could support. Even “International Children’s Day” on June 1 has a flag! You missed honoring National Teachers Day/Week in May. Don’t forget about National Day of Prayer in May, National Senior Citizen Day in August, National Read a Book Day in September, or National Farmer’s Day or 4-H week both in October. February is Black History Month, with a flag to represent it. Several other month-long celebrations exist for: Women’s History, Asian Pacific American Heritage, Hispanic Heritage, and Native American Heritage. On May 24, Eagle County has its “Ride in Remembrance” honoring first responders who have died in the line of duty. Has Avon Town Council thought about flying a flag supporting this day?

By no means, have I included all the diverse community values that could be welcomed, celebrated and supported by Avon Town Council if this truly is your goal in flying flags in our community.

I hope, that as elected officials, you are not flying your own agendas and opinions on our town’s flagpoles. If you are overwhelmed at the amount of diversity that you will need to support in order to truly reflect this whole community (instead of just two flags), then I recommend (as did council member Russel “RJ” Andrade) that you leave the flagpoles to fly the flags of the United States, Colorado, and Avon.

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Holly Barnum

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